Robin Russel
Candidate for Maine State House District 103
Hermon, Carmel, and part of Etna

About Robin

Robin learned the value of pitching in to help early in life, and living in Hermon, her commitment to pitching in is focused on helping her community.


She's been an educator for many years and is committed to making Maine a better place for children and families. She understands the complex needs of Maine families, and she uses that knowledge to guide her.

In the past, she has been a foster parent and an adoption advocate. With a legal backgound, she is prepared to fight for this district in Augusta and be an advocate for this area.

On the Issues

This is what Robin will fight for.

Children's Issues

The safety of kids and families starts with basic needs being met. As a foster parent, I've seen how difficult it can be for families to survive and help their kids thrive in today's economy. In Augusta, I'll be a champion for our kids and families.

Revenue Sharing

We need to make sure our communities are in control of how we spend our tax dollars.

Address Student Loan Debt

Imagine if every kid could learn a trade, go to two or four year college, and return to make our area thrive. We need to solve Maine's "brain-drain" by supporting the next generation of citizens.

Environment & Energy

I'll support common-sense ideas to keep our environment healthy so that we don't ruin our way of life. The environment is crucial for how we live, work, and play here.

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